Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm the Boss!

Joey has become so sassy these last few weeks since I spent those few days in the hospital with chest pains. He won't leave my side for a minute, which is cool, except he's gotten a little confused with who's the boss. I ask him to pick up the toys and his usual response is that its too much and he needs help. So I usually get down on my knees to help him pick them up and before I know it I'm the only one in the room and when I call him back to help me, what is his response - "You're doing a good job Momma, you don't need my help". I think I've explained about a thousand times now that I did not make the mess, he did, and therefore it's his responsibility to clean it up.

Dinner time is another battle. He never wants to eat what's on the menu but wants something specific for dinner, usually chicken nuggets. He's pretty much ruled out vegetables and when I force him to eat them he just chews and chews until it's the consistency of juice and then refuses to swallow. I'm really getting frustrated. Take tonight for instance. We had red beans and rice with beef in it and canteloupe. He ate the melon right away and started on the rice and beans and actually told me it was good after 2-3 bites. However that's where it ended. I keep telling him he needs to finish it, especially as I'd only given him a small amount to begin with. His response, "I only like the beef". I told him I didn't care that he was to eat it all and he tells me, "I don't want to". When I responded back, crankily I admit, that I didn't care and I was the boss so he had to do what I said he just smiled at me and says "No your not Momma, I'm the boss". It took everything in me not to just let him have it. So I've taken a stand and I don't care if he has to sit at the table until bedtime, he's going to eat every bite of what Larry made for dinner and if he doesn't he can darn well go to bed hungry. If that makes me mean, so be it. I've had about enough of this.

He's also gotten to speaking so sassy not only to me, but every other adult too. My sister, grandparents, etc. It's really becoming quite embarrasing. I'm trying to discipline without spanking but timeouts aren't working, neither is talking it out. What's a mom to do when her child refuses to use good manners and thinks its funny when we get upset with him. I was raised that you respect your elders and don't talk back. I wanted Joey to grow up where he felt free to express himself but in a polite and respectful way. If any of you out there reading this has any ideas please let me know because I've run out of options here, at least any that are working.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Housework - Emphasis on WORK

Why is it that no matter how many loads of laundry you do, or how often you scrub your toilets and pick up toys that every time you turn around there are more dirty clothes on the floor and toys to trip over.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I love my hubby - the Tech GENIUS

My hubby is so great, after almost a month of trying to post on my blog he's finally worked out the kinks for me where I can actually publish them.

He's the best. I bow down to my Tech GENIUS ;p


We've had the best summer this year. Had lots of playdates with Joey's pals, went camping with the Monson clan, a lot of swimming in our pool and at our local lake. My boy is growing up so fast into a little man that I just wish I could freeze time.

We planted our first garden this year - tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, zuchinni, canteloupe and two kinds of watermelon. So far we've harvested exactly one tomato which was very flavorful and juicy, but their has been only the one so far. We've had lots of blossoms and Larry has faithfully been watering them on a nightly basis. Joey asks me daily when we're going to get to pick some more and I have no idea how to answer since I'm beginning to doubt that we'll produce anything. It's been fun watching them grow though. Still a little hope lives on that we'll have something to harvest before summer is officially over.

Joey had his first sleepover party here at the house - four of his pals equalled a house full of fun and laughter. They played cars and superheroes, swam and swam again, went to the park, rode bikes and scooters and skateboards. The energy they created never waned and Larry and I loved every minute of it. We're so happy that Joey has such great friends to play and learn with.

We really do have such a blessed life - what more could we ask for? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Friday, August 5, 2011

4 + 1 = FUN

Joey hosted his first sleepover last weekend. We had Joey and Julian Williams and Trevor and Garrett Hill over. These are some of Joey's best friends and range in age from 5 to 7 years old. Even though they're a few years older than Joey, he doesn't seem to have any problem keeping up with them and their antics, and believe me there were a lot of antics going on.

We started the party off with a trip to the park for the boys and Larry. They took a ton of cars and trucks to play with, race with, play demolition derby with. However it was hot out, really hot, and so they only lasted a little over an hour at the park and then came trudging home with their little red faces and sweaty bodies. Our solution - pool time. They all changed and jumped right in and spent the next few hours playing, splashing, shooting each other with water guns and having sword fights with the pool noodles. It was a lot of fun to watch their creative minds at work.

For dinner we cooked up hot dogs and macaroni and cheese with some nice cool watermelon on the side. They all ate really well since we'd promised s'mores if they finished their plates.

After dinner the kids played dress up - we had Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, GI Joe, and Superman. I tried to talk them into changing into normal clothes before we did s'mores but they weren't having any of it so I guess you could say we had superhero s'mores. They all looked so darn cute out there in their costumes toasting marshmallows.

Then it was into PJ's for movie time. We watched some Scooby, some Batman, and then Rango. I made the kids popcorn with maltballs and licorice and they all settled down into their sleeping bags and blankets. Joey 1, Joey 2 and Julian fell asleep about 10 minutes into Rango and Trevor and Garrett weren't to far behind. Larry was glad to see them crash so soon as he was exhausted from the day's activities.

In the morning Joey 2 and Julian were the first up and being the awesome boys that they are they just went into Joe's room and put on cartoons and played until the rest of us got up. Then Joey woke up and joined them followed by Trevor. Garrett just slumbered on peacefully until the boys yelled at him to get up that "sleeping time was over". Such a rude awakening for my sweet little G man.

I fixed french toast for breakfast with some sweet melon on the side and copious glasses of milk all the way around. Let me tell you, these boys can eat. It reminded me so much of when Kenneth lived with me and all his friends used to hang out at our house and chow down. I imagine it will be the same with Joe and his friends as he's growing up.

After breakfast we again headed to the park, this time on bikes, scooters, and skateboards. The boys raced each other at the park, we had a couple of tumbles that required kissing and cuddles to soothe the hurt away, but all in all it was a fun time. Since it was morning time it wasn't near as hot and so we lasted a couple of hours there before the boys were ready to head back.

The minute we got back in the door they began their campaign for swimming, looking at me with their big blue and brown eyes, pulling on my heart strings, so of course I said yes. At this point JoAnna called to see if I was ready to have her come pick them up but it was only 10 and I wasn't ready to give them up so I asked if I could keep them til 1 and she said yes. So swimming we did, followed by a lunch of PB&J sandwiches, chips and juice boxes. I learned that Joey #2 doesn't like peanuts in his peanut butter so I'll have to remember that for the next time.

When they were done swimming they moved on to legos, video games, and playdoh play. I loved watching them interact and have fun. I loved getting to spend time with them all. I so wish they could all be mine as I already love them all as if they were my own and I know Joey would love having them all for brothers.

When it came time for them to go home they begged to stay another night, making me laugh at their enthusiasm and begging techniques. I promised them another one soon so I'm sure we'll be having the same kind of fun this month at some point in time. Joey is blessed to have such great little friends, and I'm blessed to have the friendship of their moms.